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About us

About us

Immerse yourself in the French way of life and enjoy not only first-class food, but also exquisite wines, aromatic coffee and refreshing drinks. Our friendly team looks forward to pampering you and making your stay at Café Didier an unforgettable one.

Visit us and let yourself be enchanted by French delicacies and hospitality. À bientôt at Café Didier!


The art of enjoying life to the full.

The story of Café Didier began on a trip to France, to the beautiful region of Provence. The air was filled with the scent of freshly brewed coffee, warm croissants, crusty baguettes and hectare upon hectare of lavender fields. Clear blue skies promised a sunny day ahead and the view into vineyards only heightened the anticipation for a chat with friends over a glass of rosé later that evening. Whenever Monsieur Didier came here, he was able to leave the stresses of everyday life and thoughts of important meetings and never-ending to-do lists behind him. Immersing himself in the sights, sounds and flavours of this beautiful part of the world, he truly embraced the easy-going Provençal lifestyle. One day, inspired by the magic of Provence, Monsieur Didier decided to bring the carefree feeling of ‘savoirvivre’ – the art of enjoying life to the full – back to his home town. ‘Over a hot cup of coffee or a sociable glass of wine, accompanied by delectable French food and good conversations in a cosy atmosphere, strangers become friends and time is forgotten.’ Monsieur Didier’s dream of whisking his guests off on a brief journey to savour France’s culinary pleasures came true: not long afterwards, he opened a café that invites you to eat, drink and indulge from morning, noon to night on Aachen’s Fischmarkt square.


Cashfree payments

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SEC. At Café Didier we only accept cashless payments. Our customers enjoy the convenience of paying quickly, easily and securely – either by card or with their smartphone.

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